We stock a full range of guitars, Classical, Acoustic and Electric.

We have beginners’ Classical, or nylon string, guitars for less than €100, and specialise in the stunningly good looking and beautiful sounding Salvador Cortez range that offer terrific bang for buck.
Our ranges of Acoustic, or steel string, guitars, again starting at under €100, include Brunswick, Sigma and our flagship brand Faith.
Faith guitars are all hand made of solid woods that mature and improve with time, designed…”to be playable and desirable.”

Electric guitars

Guitars of every description.

Acoustic, semi-acoustic & electric guitars.

Acoustic guitars

Hunky Dory guitar section.

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Our Electrics start with the best value entry level-guitars on the planet, the SX range, which includes a Bass.
 We also carry the vintage German designed Hofner guitars including semi-solid archtops and the iconic violin bass.

Spoilt for choice with a great selection of guitars.

Guitars for every level.

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