Trad instruments

Traditional is lovely because it embodies local culture, our voice, but it is a huge range across the financial spectrum, from the tin whistle, a legitimate stage/professional instrument in its own right to an intricate accordion for which you can pay what you like.

It’s a specialist field that is not populated by fools, I need to educate myself to get it right.

Learning trad music and joining a “seisiun” is great craic

Traditional Irish music.

Irish trad music instruments.

Irish trad is alive and kickin’

Mandolins at Hunky Dory music, Clon.

Large selection of Irish traditional instruments.

Banjos & mandolins

We do stock banjos, 4,5 & 6 string, mandolins (8 string), flutes, pipes & whistles, bones, spoons & bodhrans, and of course accordians.

Traditional Irish music is enjoyed by young & old alike

Banjos at Hunky Dory music shop.

The banjo with its distinct sound, really adds to a trad session.